How to invoke propertyset of getResource tpl?

I started to wonder, I have a propertyset in a chunk that I’m using as a tpl for getResources. Is there a way to invoke the chunks propertyset while using getResource?

I know this line doesn’t work but it’s for visual reference

[[getResources? &debug=1 &includeTVs=1 &parents=20 &processTVs=1 &tpl=post_card_tpl@test1 &limit=0 &includeContent=1]]

what exactly do you set with this propertyset?

I’m not sure, but I think getResources passes all properties to its tpl-chunk.
So, I think [[getResources@test1]] should work

I’m just testing stuff. I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to accomplish something like predefined properties that would change for example based on a tv with predefined values. Like if I had a blog and I have a tv with different types of blog posts, reference, article, tutorial, tip etc.
and based on that type when using getResource to list those resources as thumbnails. It would know for example that when
[[+postType]] =“Tutorial”
[[+postCta]] =“Check out this tutorial”
[[+postIcon]] ="/tutorial-icon-png"

Without having to do multiple chunks with that information. I don’t know if this makes any sense? But in a nutshell, multiple placeholders need to change based on one template variable.
Dunno, maybe I’m overthinking this.
And I actually realised that it’s pointless setting the variables at this getResource call because the values are based on the values that the getResource gets.

maybe instead of using propertysets, you could use resurces within a specified container and have TVs to define the placeholders.

So you would have ‘propertyset’ - resource with pagetitle ‘Tutorial’ and TVs for postType, postCta and postIcon

Then you could have a resourcelist TV, to fetch one of that propertyset - Resources, which would store the id into blogPostType. Then you could load them with fastField - tags like



fastField is also installed together with pdoTools