How to integrate Facebook's publications inside MODX?

Hi :slight_smile:

A customer want to integrate on his MODX website their Facebook’s publications.
In my mind, I was thinking to an add-on with an API key, templating system and a lot of nice placeholders to make the post well integrated…
I have a look on the add-ons, but I didn’t find something obvious to do the job…

Any tips ?

One way is to use ParseX and create a feed of the FB page.


ParseX supports templating.

Good luck!

Thank ilja-web :slight_smile:
I will have a look.

If I understand well, there is no long documentation on but just this on the extension description :


[[!parsex? &source= &tpl=xmlTpl &element=item &wrapper=wrapX]]

In real words:

"Please get that feed from and put all elements that are “item” into the microtemplate “xmlTpl”. And please also embed that mass of items into the microtemplate “wrapX”.Set &debugmode=true to see all available elements you can use from your specific feed.

It’s OK for me :slight_smile:

Just : is someone know how to get the xml feed of a facebook page ?


Just enter the facebook page in It will create it for you.