How to get getCollection into JSON?

I have a snippet:

    $parent = 2;
    $childs = $modx->getChildIds($parent, 2);
    $c = $modx->newQuery('modResource');
        'published' => 1,
        'id:IN' => $childs,
        'hidemenu' => 0,
        'template' => 2,
    $c->sortby('id', 'DESC');

    $resources = $modx->getCollection('modResource', $c);

    foreach ($resources as $resource) {

How to get comma separated json of all children?

{"some_TV_value_1": {"id":"1", "pagetitle":"Test","some_TV_name_2":"some_TV_value_2"}


maybe that helps:
Pull content from one Modx site to another - Support - MODX Community

use pdoResources with return=json

Hi @bruno17 ,
Thank you. But i mean a bit little another idea:
my snippet should parse all emails from TV “email_req” then put results into variable in JSON. This variable is JSON-format (list of emails) for service MailGun.

'recipient-variables' => '{"": {"pagetitle":"Bob", "id":1},
                           "": {"pagetitle":"Bruno", "id": 2}}',

something like that, maybe:

$items = [];
foreach ($resources as $resource) {
    $email = $resource->getTVValue('email');
    $item = [];
    $item['id'] = $resource->get('id');
    $item['pagetitle'] = $resource->get('pagetitle');
    $item['tv_name'] = $resource->getTVValue('tv_name');
    $items[$email] = $item;

$json = json_encode($items);
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Not sure what you’re doing, but the Notify extra will send emails via MailGun.

Even if Notify doesn’t meet your needs, you can look at the code of the included MailGunX class (or use that class directly).

(Notify requires the Subscribe extra to be installed.)

Yes! That’s i mean!
Thanx a lot, Bruno!

Hi @bobray ,
Yes, Bob, thank you. I’ve seen this extra. But i need another snippet, not Notify.

You can still used the MailGunX class that comes with Notify. It will create your JSON for you.