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How to get ftp access

Good evening,

I have access to the website in the manager settings, but I prefer to work using my word editor and that uses FTP access. The website does NOT use ModXcloud and admittedly I’ve forgotten how to get FTP access so I can begin working on this site for a client. Thank you in advance

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Hi @brittislove,

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Maybe the webhosting company can help you or your customer to recover back the FTP access, otherwise you are in a trouble… I think that modx file browser itself does not allow you all the tasks that a FTP access allows.

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Thanks for the response, I tried going into the console (win+r button - type in cmd) and then pinged the website (ping and it brought back a modx IP address of something similar to so it looks like it actually is still in the cloud so the client should be able to easily access that information.

I’m over explaining my process for curious young devs to see


Hi @brittislove,
FTP access is separate to the MODX system, it’s a service provided on the server.
Like @jnogueira mentioned, if the website is on the MODX Cloud webhosting service, you’d need to contact them to get access, otherwise you’ll need to find out which webhosting company they’re using and contact them instead.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for the response, it does help because I thought it was being hosted on godaddy but instead it was being hosted on the modxcloud and the client did have the info I needed.

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