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How to find HTML for a page

I have below in the page Template code (html):


How Can I see the real HTML for this? I want to change a text in the content.

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Right-click on the resource and select “Edit Resource.” Look in the “Resource Content” field. Some of the HTML may be in chunks. If so, you will find it in tags like this:


In that case, look on the “Elements” tab under chunks for the named chunk.

In a few cases, the HTML may be produced by the code of a snippet. That will appear in the resource content (or the template) as snippet tags, like this:




The snippet code will be in snippet section of the Elements tab, as the named snippet.

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Couldn’t find html content. I am getting for tabs on “Edit Resource”

Symlinks, Settings, Template Variables, Resource Groups

In Symlinks Tab I can see dropdown Uses Template and Symlink field with value “2”.

In Settings Tab Resource Type is “Symlink” , Content Type is “HTML”.

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Got It! Another page id is mentioned as Symlink Id. So the Symlink is pointing to another page.

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I’m glad you got it sorted. Thanks for reporting back. :slight_smile: