How to display the word "Today" if the article was just published

Hi there.
I am using the code below to display when a page was published


The result looks like something like this:
3 days ago, 2 months ago...

But when the article is published the same day, I get something like “3 sec ago… 5 min ago…”

Do you have any idea how I could add a conditional parameter such as for eg. if todays date => display “Today”.

Thanks a lot!

Try this (untested):


It won’t display ‘today,’ but it might be better than what you’re doing.

Try this also, to see if it works better for you:


Is there a reason you’re using editedon instead of publishedon?

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If the output filters that Bob suggested don’t give you the result you want, you can create your own custom output filter.

Maybe look at the code of the built-in output filters and do something similar:

By the way, [[*editedon:strtotime:date=`%d/%m/%y`]] should create and output like 19/04/22.

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@bobray I actually use both on my template. I will try your code and get back to you.

@halftrainedharry Sorry I meant [[*editedon:date=%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S:ago]]

So I’m back.
Fuzzydate does a much better job than ago! Thanks a lot.