How to create a list of categories that can be selected from in a TV?

I’m trying to divide my tags up when I post blog articles to my site. Similarly to how Categories and Tags are separated in WordPress. I already have a tagger tool set up that I can type specific tags in, but I want to create a list that I can manage independently and then select from that list when I’m writing my next blog article.

How would I go about doing this. I’ve seen similar items done by creating a custom table and connecting it to MIGX using the package manager. But I cannot find much documentation on how to achieve this. Or is there a better way to do this?


could be done with a custom table and a MIGXdb CMP to manage the tags.
Then you would need a @CHUNK binding for the listbox TV, where you get the tags with a migxLoopCollection - call

But the Tagger - Extra should do everything, what you need.

I tried doing it using the MIGXdb CMP method, but I don’t think i set it up properly. Where can I find a complete explanation on how to do this? I haven’t been able to find any.


why doesn’t tagger work for you?

As Bruno said, if you want a quick solution that works, you should use the Tagger extra.

If you want to program it yourself with MIGXdb for learning purposes, I suggest the following.

You’ll need to create at least two database tables. One for the tags and a pivot table for the many-to-many relationship between the resources and the tags. The handling of a many-to-many relationship in MIGXdb can be tricky. Read this thread for an example on how to do it.