How to create a carousel with Gallery


I need to do somethungs very simple.
I need to shoe the pictures of an album.
The picture much change each Xsecond with a basic but nice effect.
The thumbnail does need to be showed.

I download Gallery and I could create 3 albums and I added some picture into each album.

But apparently, I can not do what I need. So far, I have the thumbnails only, and when I click on a thumbnail, a larger image is showed.

How can I say to Gally, only show the larger images and print all of them (one by one), each Xsecond, with a way to select a previous or next image

Should I use Galley to make an HTML structure and choose a jquery plugin to slide the image?

No matter, what you use. Gallery, MoreGallery, MIGX …
Its allways easy to create the needed markup for any existing javascript slider