How to create 1 checklist for all users?

I have 5 resources (Step 1, Step 2, …) with 10-20 tasks for web-users. Those task created with MIGX: Task, Details, Date (of the performance of the work), Done (checkbox).

How to do this workflow?
User after authentication can open resource (page) “Step 1” and can check solved tasks, click Save/Send. Column with Checkbox has saved, Column Date has date and time saved.
Like a small project management system.

Tnx for any help!

I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to do.
Should your users be able to mark a task as ‘done’ from the frontend?

In that case you may consider using MIGXdb instead of MIGX.
MIGX stores the data in json which can be cumbersome to manipulate by code.
MIGXdb stores the data in a custom database table and data can be changed with xPDO more easily.


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