How to cleanup HTML (escape special symbols) in TinyMCE?

I use MODX Revoluiton 3.0.4, tinymcerte-2.0.9-pl.

Website have a lot of copy/pasted content with odd HTML-formatting with special symbols like {} ’ &

I use pdoTools and Fenom. Those symbols breakup website and i get blanco page.

How to cleanup, find/replace this odd HTML-code via Console, SQL or MODX plugin?

Any idea, please?

Can you be a bit more specific, what exact characters are breaking your site and where the are stored.

  • Does this only concern the resource content field, or also other fields, or even TV values?
  • How exactly do you output the content, so that {} ' & are breaking your site?
    Does the problem only occur for HTML tag attributes?
  • I’m also not sure what the picture you attached should tell me. Is the problem the data-ccp-props attribute? Should this be a valid javascript object literal?