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How to check if Website is accessed in manager mode?

Hey Guys

I have been playing around with the API of the Evolution CMS trying to read out if a user has logged into the manager and is in editing mode of the website but haven’t had any luck so far.

The Idea was using the login for the manager to also gain access to hidden parts of the website.

Most functions just return nothing and before I implement something self made (login) I wanted to ask if there was a way.

Hey Dirk,

Evolution CM/S questions are not a topic here anymore. Please try to ask your questions on or on

I know this is not an modX related question but i happen to know a solution.

You can use the $_SESSION variable to check which kind of user is logged in.
something like this in default evo 2.0.3 installation would work:

if  ($_SESSION["usertype"] == "manager"){
	echo 'Is manager';
} else {
	echo 'Is not manager';