How to build an editable menu with repeated resources

I’m trying to think in a solution for an editable menu such as Wayfinder or PdoMenu, why another solution?, well… the editor user do not have idea of coding, so the solution should be something more visual. The menu has 4 levels and is needed repeat some resources (items) in different parts of the menu.

I was thinking if it is possible to build a big menu using variable templates or maybe another better solution. I would love to build an extra but I still don’t have enough knowledge to do it.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding your use case, but usually, you create the menu structure in the Resource tree and just run Wayfinder or PdoMenu. Things can be dragged around in the tree to change the menu. That’s about as visual as it gets.

If you need to have some resources appear in multiple parts of the menu, create them as Weblinks and put them in the tree where they should appear in the menu.


Thank you again Bobray, weblinks is exactly what I was needing, easier than I thought.

Glad I could help. :slight_smile:

While we’re not proud of it, we’ve used a folder of only weblinks for navigation. We’ve done this when we want a special menu like for a mini menu above the primary menu items, things like; About us, Contact, etc. Or for a footer menu where you want tight control over it all and things won’t change much.

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