How to add column e-mail (from modx_user_attributes table) into minishop-->orders grid

does anyone know how i can add column with client’s e-mail address(from modx_user_attributes table) in minishop–>order grid?
getColumns: function () {
var all = {
id: {width: 35},
customer: {width: 100, renderer: function(val, cell, row) {
return miniShop2.utils.userLink(val,[‘user_id’], true);
num: {width: 50},
receiver: {width: 100},
email: {width: 100},
createdon: {width: 75, renderer: miniShop2.utils.formatDate},
updatedon: {width: 75, renderer: miniShop2.utils.formatDate},
cost: {width: 50, renderer: this._renderCost},
cart_cost: {width: 50},
delivery_cost: {width: 75},
weight: {width: 50},
invoice: {width: 53},
status: {width: 75},
delivery: {width: 75},
payment: {width: 75},
//address: {width: 50},
context: {width: 50},
actions: {width: 50, id: ‘actions’, renderer: miniShop2.utils.renderActions, sortable: false},

Thanks in Advance

I can’t help you with your question, but please put long blocks of code within three backticks ``` above and below the code on a single line so it’s more readable. :slight_smile: