How to ad new admin user via phpMyAdmin


unfortunately the “Forgot Password” function seems not to work (Revo 2.8.3), now I need to reset password for me (my admin user) via phpMyAdmin. I created a new user, I entered an user name, a md5 hash as password, and I changed hash_class to hashing.modmd5. But can’t login with new user and clear password.

Also tried a version with PBKDF2 hash and salt an changed hash_class back to hashing.modPBKDF2. Any hints here?

Or how to possibly repair the “Forgot Password” function (maybe I need to change to smtp?)


Why did you create a new user and not just change the password and hash_class fields of the existing user?

I assume a new user must also be added to the right user group to make it work. And maybe needs a corresponding row in the user profile table (modx_user_attributes) as well.

Mate just run this in you phpmyadmin and replace “theusername” for the user you need to recover the passwors and “the-new-password” for any password you want :+1::

UPDATE modx_users SET hash_class = 'hashing.modMD5', password = MD5('the-new-password') WHERE username = 'theusername';

Then, clear the “core/cache” folder and thy to login.

Yes, was aware of this. Didn’t want to mess with the original admin user … Thx

You could install another MODX site of the same version with the admin user having the same username and email. Then copy that admin record to the troubled site’s modx_users table, replacing the admin user’s record.

Nothing would change but the admin users password, which you’d now know if you made a note of it.

Thanks, that’s a good idea. I know, in a perfect world you should never need this. I my 17 year MODX history, this is the 3rd time I need that, as an old customer is coming back after some years …