How do you promote MODX to clients?

I have a few web pages bookmarked that I send to clients who don’t know about MODX and want to know why they should use it instead of other content management systems (Wordpress in particular). If you have any favorite web pages describing the benefits of MODX compared to Wordpress and/or other CMSs, I’d love to see them!

Unfortunately, one of my favorite pages (called " You Don’t Need a ‘MODX Developer’ "), on the Red Toad Media site, is now gone! They’ve moved to a one-page site with no blog. :frowning:

Here are a couple others I use:

Hi @rainbowtiger,

We’re currently reworking the content on, however, Sterc just relaunched their website with this excellent pitch for business owners for MODX:

We’ll be working in the coming months to build out more case studies like the one we did for Pearl Drum and Darkstar.