How do I import data from Excel to getImageList?

Hi. Tell me, what are the options for importing data from Excel to getImageList?

getImageList is the snippet to output MIGX data to the front-end.

To import data for MIGX, there exists an action-button “importcsvmigx”.
In the MIGX configuration, go to the tab “Actionbuttons” and select the checkbox “importcsvmigx”.

Save you Excel data as a CSV (comma-separated values) file, so it can be imported.

Hello. In migx, I don’t see any configurations created.

The page template has


TV price_category_2

You defined your MIGX TV directly in the TV (fields “Form Tabs” and “Grid Columns” in the tab “Input Options”).
I don’t think you can add the “Import”-Button this way.

Define the MIGX fields and columns by creating a new MIGX configuration (menu “Extras” → “MIGX”). Then in your TV, use the field “Configurations” to reference the created configuration (instead of using the fields “Form Tabs” and “Grid Columns”).

good afternoon. thanks