How difficult is it to switch from Modx Evolution to Revolution?

I have a potential client who owns three very old Modx Evolution websites:
I think it is version 1.0.10, php 5.7, website is not even secure… frankly, it’s a miracle that the websites were not hacked…

Anyway… I have never used Modx Evolution before, how long do you think it will take me to convert the websites to version revo 2.8.3 ?

I have also stumbled upon this plugin Bob's Guides | Why Choose GoRevo? , maybe @bobray could help ?

Thank a lot.

I’ve used GoRevo on 6 or 7 old EVO sites to great effect. There’s always some tidying up to be done after the event but it does the bulk of the work very well indeed.

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thanks for your reply, based on your experience, how long do you think it will take me to convert the website to revolution using GoRevo ?

From what I understood: you first run the script on evolution, then import it into revo, then install all the appropriate plug-ins and that’s it ?

Hey @carlo_13

It really depends on how complicated your sites are.

For instance, GoRevo converts any ditto calls to getResources or pdoResources but these normally need a little attention to get them running properly again.

If you have custom snippets, they’ll get copied over but again they may need some attention.

Similarly, if you have resource groups / security groups set up for front-end content, GoRevo will do the bulk of the work for you but you’ll need to ensure all’s as it should be.

You could potentially end up with a few hours’ tidying up of these things if the site is complex.

Most of the sites I converted were relatively straightforward. An hour or so per site I think.

There’s little risk involved since you’re not overwriting the existing site - so, for the price, I’d recommend giving it a go.

@bobray instructions are really good. I’ve always followed them and I’ve always got to where I needed to be.

I hope that helps.


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Hi @bobray , do you think GoRevo works with Modx3 ? Also, if the evo website is using an unsupported version of php ( maybe 5.6 ), will I be able to use your script anyways ?
Thanks a lot

I haven’t had time to test GoRevo with MODX 3 or to update it. I suspect that it will work fine, but it would be safer to use GoRevo to move the Evo website to MODX 2.8.4. Then, after making sure everything is working, upgrade the 2.8.4 site to MODX 3.0.0 with the UpgradeMODX extra, and then upgrade it to the current version of MODX 3.

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Thank you @bobray ! I will buy your plugin in the coming days. I’m not gonna lie, I am bit anxious, I’ve never used evolution before, and the client’s website is using a old version of php….

But I’m sure it will be fine.

GoRevo doesn’t actually change the Evo site in any way, so it if fails, at least it won’t damage the site (though it can’t hurt to back up the DB and files anyway).


Hi @bobray, everyone is back from holiday and I’ll finally start work on the migration this week. I will use your plugin.

Just one last question, can I use your script with localhost ( I use mamp ) ? Do I need to make sure the website is up and running or does the script will do his work anyway ?
I think that, as long as the database path is correct, everything should work.

Just asking because the previous server uses php 5.4 and I won’t have access to it, I’ll be provided only a backup :upside_down_face:

I’ve never used evolution, and I don’t know if it uses absolute path like Modx.

Update: It seems like it works even on localhost. I had to lower my version to php 5.4… but I was able to import everything into Modx Revo 2.8

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I had to lower my version to php 5.4… but I was able to import everything into Modx Revo 2.8

I’m glad to hear that. The current version of MODX 2.8 is quite stable and capable. I wouldn’t be in any hurry to update to MODX 3 if I were you.