How difficult is it to switch from Modx Evolution to Revolution?

I have a potential client who owns three very old Modx Evolution websites:
I think it is version 1.0.10, php 5.7, website is not even secure… frankly, it’s a miracle that the websites were not hacked…

Anyway… I have never used Modx Evolution before, how long do you think it will take me to convert the websites to version revo 2.8.3 ?

I have also stumbled upon this plugin Bob's Guides | Why Choose GoRevo? , maybe @bobray could help ?

Thank a lot.

I’ve used GoRevo on 6 or 7 old EVO sites to great effect. There’s always some tidying up to be done after the event but it does the bulk of the work very well indeed.

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thanks for your reply, based on your experience, how long do you think it will take me to convert the website to revolution using GoRevo ?

From what I understood: you first run the script on evolution, then import it into revo, then install all the appropriate plug-ins and that’s it ?

Hey @carlo_13

It really depends on how complicated your sites are.

For instance, GoRevo converts any ditto calls to getResources or pdoResources but these normally need a little attention to get them running properly again.

If you have custom snippets, they’ll get copied over but again they may need some attention.

Similarly, if you have resource groups / security groups set up for front-end content, GoRevo will do the bulk of the work for you but you’ll need to ensure all’s as it should be.

You could potentially end up with a few hours’ tidying up of these things if the site is complex.

Most of the sites I converted were relatively straightforward. An hour or so per site I think.

There’s little risk involved since you’re not overwriting the existing site - so, for the price, I’d recommend giving it a go.

@bobray instructions are really good. I’ve always followed them and I’ve always got to where I needed to be.

I hope that helps.


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