How can I restrict option in TinyMCE Rich text Editor


I am using MODx 2.8.3 and with the extention TinyMCE Rich Text Editor.

Is there some option I would like the user not be able to use, as Align right, the polices, the text size

For example, above, I will not need the the first line, excepted for the Tab and for the code (Tools → Code). I would like to have both in the second line.

For the “Paragraphe” select, I would only need

  • En-tête
  • Blocs

and the

B, I, U, Code

More important
I need to be able to add a link while creating a link

And it look like not possible now.

How can I personalize it, now?


Hi @pierrot10

I think most of what you are looking for can be found in System Settings.

Change the namespace to TinyMceRTE:

In there you should fine lots of options to let you customise the RTE.

For creating a link while adding a link - I’m guessing you mean an on-page anchor?

You can do this by typing the destination in the URL field. It will search the existing content for headings [h1, h2, h3 etc] that match what you type.

Screenshot 2022-01-20 123841

If you choose one, it will automatically create an ID attribute for that element and create a link to it.


Thanks a lot for your reply and help. I could customize my menu. Thanks

For the links, no I do not want to have an anchor.

I need to add a class “read-more” as the following
<a class="read-more" href="réserver/">Réservez</a>
Because the class will render my link as the following
Screenshot 2022-01-20 at 15.06.56
Then when I edit the page and then the link, I should be able to specify a class for the link

Is it not somewhere here?

But how can I make it shown in the link edition?

You have to set the system setting tinymcerte.link_class_list for that.
Set it to a value like this:

[{"title": "None", "value": ""},{"title": "read more", "value": "read-more"}]

Houha great, that help.

But is for the following line, then

I am also trying to apply the css for the WYSIWYG.

Before, I need to set this line

but until now, it has no effect.
Or, should it be set here now?

Yes, it is… I just tried

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