How can I preview my pages before publishing them?

Hi. I’m not a developer and am new to this forum so go easy :wink:

I’ve read online that there’s a way of previewing modx web pages/resources before publishing them but I’ve not found a way to do that. I saw some information about ‘revisions’ but I’ve not found a way to turn that feature on on our manager.

Can anyone tell me how to achieve ‘previewing’, even if it’s not through the revisioning function?

Many thanks

(Partial Screenshot included in case that helps)


You can use the “View” button visible on your screenshot. It can be marked as not published. You will be able to see it before publishing it.


Thanks for the response. Although, if I make changes, the changes don’t show on the page when I click ‘view’ unless I save the changes. If I uncheck ‘published’, that takes the page off line I think, which is something I don’t want to do. Sorry if I’m missing something

Ok now I understood your point. Indeed if you unpublish ill, it will become offline.
The only thing I can remember is: dupplicate it, unpublish the duplicated page and make the changes. When all is ok, unpublish the main page, change the friendly url to a different one, and publish the other page with the correct friendly url.

This about replacing one page with another page.
I can’t recon any other way to accomplish what you are trying to do.

I’m not completely clear on what you’re trying to do, but the StageCoach extra will let you make changes to a resource (document) that don’t go live until some future date.

You can make changes and view the staged document as often as you like before the “stage date” when the changes will be applied to the “real” published resource. And you can do this with multiple resources at the same time.


Hey, that’s a pretty cool extra. Nice work! :slight_smile:

@gjw1980 the functionality you’re looking for is not part of modx core but I think Bob’s extra will come close to what you’re trying to accomplish. Apart from this, @jnogueira’s suggestion to duplicate the page while you work on it and replace it when you’re ready to go live is the only way to do it within MODX. You could, of course, create a staging server though. If you happen to be using MODX Cloud this is very quick and easy to do. If you’re not, how difficult it is will depend a lot on your host and your abilities as a server admin.

The MagicPreview extra can show you what a resource looks like, before saving.

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Thanks folks. Stagecoach or Magic Preview both sound like they might do the job. I’ll have a look when I get a chance (might be a while) and post back if I need more help. Thanks a lot!

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I tried Magic Preview as I need to be able to preview unpublished resources but it doesn’t do that, am I right? It does let you preview unsaved changes, but not on unpublished resources.

As long as you have permission to view unpublished resources (and your manager session carries into the front-end) I don’t see why that wouldn’t work. The resource probably does need to have been saved at least once before.

I guess I missed something then… what do you mean by ‘manager session carries into the front-end’?

I mean that the front-end recognises that you’re logged into the manager. For example if the frontend is on a different (sub)domain your session needs to be setup in such a way that it carries over, otherwise you’re not going to have permission to view an unpublished resource at all.

I just took a look at the code and don’t see anything that is conditional on the published state of a resource… if you’re sure that it doesn’t work but you can normally view unpublished resources, that’ll need more investigation then.

The plugin behaves similar to normal previewing resources… a non published resource appears empty in the plugin preview and can’t be loaded in the normal modx preview. (404)

Okay, thanks. I’ve opened an issue and will update that when we’ve tested and/or fixed it.

Hi @esger,

I’m testing this now, but I don’t seem to be having the same trouble as you are. :thinking:

I set up a user group with context access to the web context and content editor access to the manager like this:

Could you check to see what context access your user/group has?

Hi @digitalpenguin I think it’s quite similar:

In your Content Editor and upload images policy, is the permission view_unpublished selected in the permissions list like Mark mentioned above?

i.e. using that same user, if you click the view button (instead of preview) can the user view the unpublished resource?

Indeed, that permission wasn’t set for that policy. I just tried setting that permission, but to no avail.
Even when I’m logged as manager with almost all permissions set, I can’t preview unpublished resources, neither with Modx’s preview, nor with Magic Preview.
I’m on Modx-cloud by the way, might that be the culprit?

I’m almost positive it’s going to be a permissions problem. When you added view_unpublished, did you flush permissions then log out and log back in?

Yes I did. Manager role had this permission already but can not view unpublished resources.