How can I personalize my tinymcerte with span and color for a word


I am personalizing the tinymcerte. My goal is to be able to highlight a word in a paragraph and to asign a color.

I started to edit the setting tinymcerte

and I added
{"title": "Texte orange", "selector": "*", "classes": "orange"}
but it does not work as all my paragraph is orange.
Then I changed to
{"title": "Texte orange", "selector": "span", "classes": "orange"}
but I needed to modify

and I added the span section as the following
[{"title": "Paragraph", "format": "p"},{"title": "Blockquote", "format": "blockquote"},{"title": "Div", "format": "div"},{"title": "Pre", "format": "pre"},{"title": "Span", "format": "span"}]

but as you can see

I can not use is because is inactive. When I would like a word in my paragraph, I can not include the span around the word

Is there any way to have a personalized color for a part of a text? What did I do wrong?


Hey @pierrot10

Take a look here

Hope this helps.

Ho yé, That’s work. I saw this stopics but I missed this (“inline”: “span”)

{“title”: “Texte orange”, “inline”: “span”, “classes”: “orange”},

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Glad you’re sorted! :+1:

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