How can I get FRED to add a Property set for cssSweet and set custom system events for the cssSweet plugin?

Have the perfect color editing now for my theme using clientConfig and cssSweet, just need Fred to somehow set these custom system events and The Property set for cssSweet.

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Hi @designfromwithin,

Not sure if Fred can set these. Never tried such thing before.
Let’s see if the experts can help here.

But as far as I can understand from your explanation, you want to re-compile the SCSS each time the page refreshes, or you change a setting using ClientConfig or the chunk directly?

As far as I know, fred does not interact with ClientConfig (except reading general settings values) or with Chunks except using them.


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I dont need FRED to do anything with Client Config, it would simply be best if the package generated by FRED would add the cssSweet propertyset and set the system event…

But not sure if this is possible.

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