How can I duplicate the entire site for testing? OR Is there a developer mode?

Hello there,
I’m looking to do a HUGE overhaul of the general look and feel of our Intranet. I’m hoping to make changes where the people who visit the site can’t see it though as I’m making changes. Is there a developer mode, or a way to duplicate the site with another address (or something to that effect?) so I can make all my changes before the customers see it?

Not directly within Modx as far as I know. But there are a few easy options:

  • If you’re on Directadmin or CP you have access to a software manager like Softaculous. They have a one click staging and duplicate option.
  • Just zip your whole site, export your DB. Upload it to the new adres, change all + the general config file. Then, re-run setup and you’re good to go

Good luck.


This CMS has been amazing. I couldn’t imagine using anything else. THE ONLY thing it is missing is a sandbox environment to develop pages easily and move live easier. But I don’t complain, everything else has been great. Hoping a future version may adapt something like that (crossing fingers).

I use ModxCloud, I just setup a separate environment to develop in, you can inject that environment into the live area (change a few URL configuration in the settings) and your done (same as Zipping your site, it’s just done for you through the system). Then I work in that environment to develop additional assets, then migrate all the assets over once they work as desired, then publish and save.

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