hook.RampartFormIt preventing form from submitting

I’m using the hook.RampartFormIt on a lot of websites. I noticed forms are not submitted anymore and hook.RampartFormIt is causing it. After submitting a blank page is shown and the form is not being processed.
Why? Nothing is changed (except the sites being upgraded to MODX3). This should not be happening; I need to be able to rely on forms keeping working.

You’re using an extra that is 10 (!) years old.

You did update your site to a new major version of MODX that introduces breaking changes.

You can’t expect an extra this old to just work.

Maybe switch to a different solution to prevent spam.
For example this:

Rampart seems such a simple and elegant solution and also looks good. It is a pity that it isn’t supported anymore :cry:

@halftrainedharry You are using Akismet / have experience with it? Does it work as intended? So do Eric Jones Emails not go through? ^^

Any other recent Anti-Spam methods anyone uses to get rid of Eric Jones?

No, I haven’t used it and I can’t tell you how effective it is.
But it’s maintained (the last release is literally days ago) and compatible with MODX 3.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’m a big Akismet fan. :smiley:


Yes, Rampart is old, but has been working fine. It is still available in the Manager. How could I know it was not working anymore? It’s a bit frustrating the contact forms on many sites didn’t work anymore without being aware of that.

What can I expect? What can I count on? Is MODX trustworthy? Can I trust my client’s site will operate without problems like this?

Just took a stroll through the Rampart code and for a 12 year old extra, that’s holding up a lot better than some. The only compatibility issue I’m seeing specific to MODX3 is some old processors, but even there most of them had already been updated and it doesn’t look like too much work to bring up to date.

I’m also seeing a reliance on mcrypt for encrypting/decrypting data which is no longer available past PHP 7.2. As that’s MODX3’s minimum supported version, I can imagine that becoming a problem too.

There have not been any specific issues logged yet on its repository beyond those two things I just mentioned and logged. Would be good to get more specifics logged there so it can be addressed.

If nobody wants to volunteer or sponsor the work to bring it up to date, perhaps we can use the OpenCollective to sponsor resolving issues with abandoned extras for which the original developer is no longer around.


What can I expect?

You can expect Extras that were updated in the last recent years, to work in MODX 2.x. You can most probably also expect Extras that have been updated in the last year to work in MODX 3.x.

If you want to jump on the MODX 3-train, then checkout this compatibility-list from sitedash.


What can I count on?

On MODX and its community :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Also, if you are not already in Slack, join us there.

Is MODX trustworthy?


Can I trust my client’s site will operate without problems like this?

For this, see Mark’s last respond, regarding Rampart.

I found and only quickly tested Rampart just recently, as I’m trying to find anti-spam solutions against Eric Jones. It looked good for its age, like Mark sees in the Matrix. But it didn’t work for me. I’ll test it soon-ish again and would create some issues - and/or if you add issues, I could acknowledge them. And I’d be happy to sponsor part of its refreshment, if you’d join me - what do you say?


Maybe we could flag Extra’s in the Package Manager that are not tested with MODX3? So people see that an extra perhaps is not functioning well/should be checked.

Sorry for me questioning MODX and what I may expect. I’m not a developer, so cannot understand always what’s going on or play any part in this. I’m working on the frontends, making use of what MODX is offering. I’m really thankful for the great help on this community.