Homepage is not loading without "/index.php?id=1"

Site url: Home - MODX Revolution

The homepage is not loading without the page ID. But at least the home page should load without page ID.

When I edit ht.access to .htaccess in root, /core, and /manager. Besides, turn friendly_url to “yes”. Then other pages work fine. But the home page still needs “/index.php?id=1”

What’s the alias of your home page?

I used to run into problems (on my local test environment) when the alias was index (which is the default after the installation).

Homepage resource alias “index”

Does it work if you change the alias to something different (like for example home)?

yes, it works when I change the alias. (https://slapilapi.de/home)

But can I make work my homepage? I mean base URL

Is the system setting site_start set correctly?

Does the .htaccess in the webroot still have the original content, or did you change anything?

What exactly is the response you see when you call the base URL?
Is there maybe a “index.html” file in the webroot that gets served instead?

yes, exactly what you thought.
Thanks a ton.

Could you please help me with displaying the parent page title?
<a href="[[~[[*parent]]]]"> [[*parent:pagetitle]] </a>


This code is displaying page ID instead of page title

If you already have pdoTools installed, you could use the fastField syntax for this:


Or you could use an extra like getResourceField.

This works fine. You are really a true mate.
Made my day.