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Hide the resource ID's in the manager interface?

So I know a MODX admin who insists on keeping the ID’s of his resource pages and such in numerical order. It drives me crazy watching him shuffle the contents of pages around. It would be so nice if there’s just a way to hide them. Is this possible?

And I thought my OCD was bad.

Yes, you can - there’s an ACL policy called tree_show_resource_ids which you can toggle and apply to the group which the admin user is part of.

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Depending on how he’s doing it, he runs the risk of messing up the intersects that connect users to their published, edited, and deleted resources, resources to their templates parents and children, and TVs to their resources and templates.

Those all depend on the ID of the resource.

There’s also a chance that resources will disappear from the tree when they develop invalid parents.

SiteCheck would tell you if any of this is happening.

Great, thank you! Yeah, I’m aware he was risking messing up his site but forgetting to move some sort of setting. He’s the only editor so nothing really showed up as a problem yet.