Hide folders in Resource Browser from lower level users


Is it possible to hide AND/OR restrict access to specified folders or subfolders in the Resource Browser in Revo?

I’m trying to unclutter and prevent access to the some folders in the Resource Browser, for lower level users.

For example, the ‘Manager Filesystem’ is the default Media source in the Resource Browser, and this gives access to the ‘assets’ folder, but I don’t want users to be able to see, or access folders other than the bolded ones below.


I think you’ll have to move them to a separate folder, create a new media source for that folder, and connect it to a user group (e.g., Administrator) that those users do not belong to (using an ACL entry).

Thanks Bob, I was worried that media sources might be the only way. I think maybe not worth changing now as the site has been up for a while and I need to consider if it’s worth altering the structure now.

But I will definitely keep this in mind and next build i’ll add ‘assets / users / downloads’, ‘assets / users / images’ etc subfolders.

While we’re here, is there any way to hide media sources in the Resources Browser? On pages my clients need access to the media sources to upload images etc via TV’s, but in the Resource Browser it just complicates things because they see all the other media sources they won’t be needing.

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