Help with XPDO getIterator complex sorting

Hi All!

I am trying to do a somewhat complex sort using xpdo / getIterator.

I need to be able to sort by the field ‘dam_id’ as compared to a comma delimited list of the ids.

Essentially it is this method/example:

SELECT id, name
FROM mytable 
WHERE id IN (77, 3, 123, 1) 
ORDER BY FIELD(id, 77, 3, 123, 1)

as explained here: php - MySQL sort by some list - Stack Overflow

my code so far (no sorting at all currently)

$galleryCollection = $modx->getIterator(classDAMResources, ['filename:!=' => '', 'dam_id:IN' => $fullIDList ]);
foreach ($galleryCollection as $galleryItem) {
   $galleryItems = [
       'filename'       => $galleryItem->get('filename'),
       'dam_id'         => $galleryItem->get('dam_id'),
       'caption'         => $galleryItem->get('caption')
   $output .= $modx->getChunk('chunk.inspirationgallery.item.tpl', $galleryItems);

I am assuming I need some line similar to the below before my foreach:


any guidance is appreciated!

Something like this is what you want…


That is EXACTLY like what I want. :slight_smile:

Thanks @opengeek !

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