Help with SimpleSearch Properties

I’m entering

[[!SimpleSearch? &fieldPotency=`pagetitle:3,alias:10`]]

as per the instructions here:, but it’s not working. The examples on this page ( work to change the search results, so I know I’m inputting it on the correct page.
I tried this search instead:

&docFields= `pagetitle,longtitle,content`

it seems to “work”, but it’s narrowing down too much. When I search for the word “books” with just [[!SimpleSearch?]], I get 200 results. When I search with the above code, I get 12 results. I’d still like all 200 results, I just want priority to those resources that have it in the title. Any ideas?

Have you tried the sortBy param?

What would I sort it by that would accomplish this?

Maybe by title, and leave the potency field blank.

Other things to try

  • Edit the searchstyle
  • Leave the numbers out the Potency

Never used the Extra, just brainstorming with you.

good luck, please share your findings.