Help with removing siblings in Resource Groups, ACL, User Group setup

I’ve followed Bob’s Guide and have everything functioning as described in the tutorial, but in order to give access to a nested child resource all of it’s siblings and the parent have to be shared too which is not ideal.

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 3.47.57 PM
In this example, is there any way to just show Home Weatherization and not every child under Get Help?

Try giving just “load only” permission on the parent folder.

Would that require a new Resource Group containing only that Get Help parent?

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My current Resource Groups, AllDocs has everything and Limited One has has what I need to make things viewable however I really only want resources 25,27 and 74

My Resource Group Access policies for this User Group

Yes it would, since it needs different permissions than the siblings and children.

I had to set the Parent as “Load, List, View” for it to appear in the tree but I think that’ll work for now. Thank you @bobray

That was going to be my next suggestion if Load Only didn’t work. :wink:

I’m glad I could help.

Now we wait patiently for the day when we can just go to the Users menu and check off a few resources that user should be able to access instead of this very complicated Resource Group, Custom Plugin, ACL, User Group, Custom Policy system.

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I hear you. Maybe someday. :wink:

@bobray I thought I was done with this permission thing, but I’m now seeing that collections aren’t showing any children for my new groups, is there another trick to that?

Sorry, I’m not familiar with Collections.

Thanks. I found resources in a Collection don’t show in the Resource Groups menu and thus never got assigned. I used a snippet to assign a Group to them separately and they are all working now.

I’m glad you got it sorted. Thanks for reporting back.