Help with Fred RTE Config – imagetools_toolbar not working correctly

Hi, MODX Community.

I’ve added a custom RTE Config within my Fred set-up and not all the controls in the imagetools_toolbar are showing. The selection_toolbar displays as intended, complete with additional controls, but the imagetools_toolbar is only displaying the three alignment options, even though I’ve included all the default options. This means that images can’t be replaced or edited. I have a similar RTE Config set-up on other sites, all of which work fine.

This is the selection_toolbar showing all the correct controls:


And this is the imagetools_toolbar with options missing:


Here is the content of my custom RTE Config…

  "theme": "inlite",
  "inline": true,
  "plugins": "modxlink image imagetools media lists code hr",
  "insert_toolbar": "image media quicktable modxlink hr",
  "selection_toolbar": "undo redo | formatselect | bold italic underline blockquote | modxlink | alignleft aligncenter alignright | bullist numlist outdent indent | code",
  "image_advtab": true,
  "imagetools_toolbar": "alignleft aligncenter alignright | rotateleft rotateright | flipv fliph | editimage imageoptions",
  "auto_focus": false,
  "branding": false,
  "relative_urls": false,
  "image_dimensions": true

Can anyone help me figure out why the imagetools_toolbar isn’t working properly.

Many thanks


Just in case this helps anyone, I figured it out. I was using placeholder images using URLs. TinyMCE clearly didn’t like remotely-hosted images even though they were items. As soon as I uploaded ‘proper’ images via the MODX media browser, the correct image imagetools_toolbar displayed.


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