Help to make the markup of the micro basket miniShop2

I can’t figure out how to do the design correctly. So that the added products are shown. As you can see in the screenshot, $total_cost} x {$total_count} are working. I tried different versions of {$product_thumb}, {$product.thumb} different syntax. used {foreach $products as $product} . I don’t understand what’s wrong


<li class="drop msMiniCart{$total_count > 0 ? ' full' : ''}">
											<a href="#" class="cart-opener empty">
												<span class="icon-handbag"></span>
												<span class="num">0</span>
											<a href="#" class="cart-opener not_empty">
												<span class="icon-handbag"></span>
												<span class="num">{$total_count}</span>
											{if !count($products)}
											<!-- mt drop start here -->
											<div class="mt-drop">
												<!-- mt drop sub start here -->
												<div class="mt-drop-sub">
													<!-- mt side widget start here -->
													<div class="mt-side-widget">
														<!-- cart row start here -->
														<div class="cart-row">
															<a href="{$ | url}" class="img"><img src="{$product_thumb}" alt="{$product_pagetitle}" title="{$product_pagetitle}" class="img-responsive"></a>
															<div class="mt-h">
																<span class="mt-h-title"><a href="{$ | url}">{$product_pagetitle}</a></span>
																<span class="price"><i class="fa fa-rub" aria-hidden="true"></i>  {$product_price}</span>
																<span class="mt-h-title">Qty: {$product_count}</span>
															<a href="#" class="close fa fa-times"></a>
														<!-- cart row end here -->
														<!-- cart row total start here -->
														<div class="cart-row-total">
															<span class="mt-total">Итого</span>
															<span class="mt-total-txt"><i class="fa fa-rub" aria-hidden="true"></i> {$total_cost} x {$total_count} шт</span>
														<!-- cart row total end here -->
														<div class="cart-btn-row">
													<a href="[[~12]]" class="btn-type2">В корзину</a>
<form method="post" class="ms2_form"><button type="submit" name="ms2_action" value="cart/clean" class="btn btn-type3">Очистить</button></form>
													<!-- mt side widget end here -->
												<!-- mt drop sub end here -->
											<!-- mt drop end here -->
											<span class="mt-mdropover"></span>

challenge [[!msMiniCart? tpl=tpl.msMiniCart1]]