Help installing GAuthx on ModX

I’ve installed the Gauthx extra. However, when I go to update my user account, under Manage → Users, I’m not seeing a new tab or any settings for enabling Two-Factor Authentication. The extra looks like it’s installed correctly. I’m using ModX version 2.8.3-pl.

Has anyone else ran into this issue or can someone please give me a hand with this?

Hi there, as far as I remember it doesn’t create any elements on the user page, you define the place to load the qr for the user to add to his google vault using the snippet parameters, and you load this snippet in a authenticated user accesible page
[[!GAuthx? &responseTpl=GAuthxResponseTpl &tpl=GAuthxTpl]] for the user to scan the qr

Maybe the git documentation can help you more GitHub - nick2687/GAuthx: A Modx Extra that enables front-end 2-Factor Authentication. at the end there’s a notes section that details the general steps to get it working as expected

Thank you. Are there any detailed instructions on how to do this? I’ve looked at this and this is a big over my head. I’m just starting with ModX and just want to get 2FA setup in order for it to be more secure.

Question, are you looking at securing you manager login, or want to add 2FA for all your users on the front end? if the first is what you are looking for, maybe this extra could work better:

either way, it would be better for you to understand how ACL, and the actual security model of MODX works, this is basic for things such as displaying logged user only pages (where you need to display the QR), and in general securing your site, and doing security implementations without understanding things like this, could lead to more issues than it fixes, here you can find the documentation about ACLs Security (ACLs) - Client-proofing the manager | MODX Documentation

If your worry is about security in general, you can start with this guide Hardening MODX Revolution - Maintenance | MODX Documentation that help’s you make your site safe from atacks

Thanks for your help with this! It turns out I didn’t need to be installing ModX on my server. I needed to be installing Webmin. I guess I just didn’t quite understand what ModX was used for.

Glad you figure it out, and totally different tools, Webmin is for managing your linux server using a GUI, while MODx its a content management system (CMS), aka, an easy platform to manage web site contents and developments