Help Identifying JS Method Usage: refreshTVs

I’m in the midst of untangling how TVs are rendered to the resource editing pages (for a forthcoming PR) and need help with how (and if) certain methods are being used. The one I’m looking for clues on now is refreshTVs(), which is found in the MODx.panel.ResourceTV class (manager/assets/modext/widgets/resource/ and also redefined in the manager/templates/default/resource/sections/tvs.tpl file. I’ve tried logging tests to the console, but it seems like this method is never being hit. Am I missing something?

Looks like that hasn’t done anything since 2011.

Originally there apparently was a refresh button on the TVs button that used it.

I’d say that can be safely removed in 3.0, though we are getting really close to the feature freeze especially for big changes…

OK, great! Thanks for taking a look. I’ll take that bit out in a small cleanup PR soon. I’m trying to get the other half of my TV refactoring project (i.e., the rendering of TVs to the resource form) to the finish line before the freeze … but it’s a big task! How soon do you anticipate the freeze taking effect?

November 4th :grimacing:

If it’s a big one it may help to send it early while it’s still in the works, so it can start getting reviewed. Hopefully this wont be quite as big as the input options PR?

It’s probably bigger, because the rendering end of the game is quite a bit more complicated — at least it seems like it when you’re reverse-engineering the code to understand how it all goes together. Nov. 4 would be way too early for me to even get a draft going unfortunately.

This sounds like a great idea then :+1: