Help downgrading from 3.0 back to 2.8.3

A client mistakenly upgraded to 3.0 without checking with us and it’s broken a few things, what is the best way to rollback to 2.8.3?

Would installing 2.8.3 over the 3.0 work? I figured I’d ask here to make sure I’m on the right track.


Restore from backup.

Or try to fix what’s broken - upgrading all extras should get you a long way there, though not all extras are compatible yet. List of known compatibility for extras can be found here.

If you encounter specific issues that have not yet been discussed on the forum, happy to help sort through those too.

That’s the thing, no backup. That was our first thought too until we found out our normal server backup situation wasn’t operating properly…. another issue to be addressed.

As for fixing the issues, it’s the “resources aren’t showing in the tree and the front end is 500ing” issue. Likely a batch of bad extras. We don’t have the time to tinker with it at the moment, just looking to get back to working status.

Is downgrading not an option?

Our process, if trying to install 2.8.3 over 3.0 failed, was to clean install 2.8.3 and move the database/static files over. Thoughts?

Ahh, worst time to find out backups weren’t working :grimacing:

If the site uses Articles, try updating that to the new 2.0, that’s the most likely culprit for what you describe. And if that works, you’ll be up and running faster than downgrading.

I have no idea if downgrading will work. Version migrations only go up (2.8.3 > 3.0 runs the migrations for 3.0, 3.0 > 2.8.3 does not undo them) so you may end up in an even worse broken state… or maybe it’s not so bad, I honestly don’t know and have never tried.

The clean 2.8.3 install and then importing data and files probably has the highest chance of working in one go. Might need to reinstall packages to restore incompatible things that are no longer there in the 3.0 version of the site.

If you want someone to sort it out for you, feel free to email details and access to for premium support and I can work on it for you later today.

You could also duplicate the site (both files and DB), then, on the duplicate site, use the UpgradeMODX extra to install 2.8.3. I’ve never tested this and it would give you a bunch of leftover MODX 3 files that would never be used, so Mark’s suggestion is probably a better way to go.

Either way, I think you will end up with namespaced class_keys on the modResource and modElementPropertySet objects, which could cause some serious problems until you correct them. I believe SiteCheck might correct them, but it hasn’t been tested in your situation.

Ahh, worst time to find out backups weren’t working :grimacing:

Tell me about it…

I did end up getting 3.0 to function today, had to reinstall Collections (site didn’t use Articles but might have a similar issue?). I ultimately think we want to revert to 2.8.3 at some point but all fires are out for now. MIGX, as documented, is busted which is a big reason why we can’t fully embrace 3.0 just yet… too many clients still rely on it.

This is Rob from Eternity, by the way, all of use here appreciate your help Bob and Mark.