GoRevo 1.2.1 not working

Hi folks,

I tried gorevo on a site and it did not work. Could it be because Revo is installed on a different database using a different username and password as the Evo install?

I am going to try to install Revo again, this time using the same db as Evo but different prefix.

Thanks in advance for any help

Ok, update. I missed copying the evo.zip file!..so now a different problem. Getting “Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded” except I can’t find anywhere that time is set. The ini file says 120 and the gorevo index.php file has a manually inserted

ini_set('max_execution_time', 180);

See below. Any ideas?

Are you sure that the php.ini file you inspected is actually the one being used? You can confirm from the phpinfo() facility in the system reports section in the manager.

I’ve inserted phpinfo() into the gorevo/index.php file and it gave me the same 120 and using the same ini file as in the screenshot.

Also I put a test.php file inside the /home/core/xpdo/om/ folder, alongside the file that gave the error…and same thing…same ini file, same 120. So something else is happening :thinking:

I guess the only other option is to do a search across the project code to see if it’s being set somewhere else.

I did that already too. I found something that worked for someone using Provisioner so I’m going to try it later: