Google reports page indexing issue (404 not found)

Google reports a page indexing issue (404 not found) for the following URLS:

I am new to ModX. How can I locate the affected pages ending with “/datenschutzs” and “/Se” in the admin area and remove them?

If you get a 404 for these URLs, it probably means that these pages don’t exist, so you can’t remove them in the MODX manager.

To be sure there doesn’t exist such a resource, you could check the database table modx_site_content (column uri and maybe alias).

So why does Google list these pages? Did they use to exist and got deleted? Or is there maybe a typo somewhere on a page?

If you create you own sitemap for Google, then make sure these URLs aren’t listed anymore.
Otherwise, you may want to add a RewriteRule to your .htaccess file (or use an extra like SEO Suite) to redirect the wrong URLs to existing ones.

Thank you, I couldn’t find the entries in the database. Also, when I visited the affected URLs in my browser, I also get redirected to the homepage.