GoodNews change email address for subscription process

I would like to change the email address from which the initial activation and subscription confirmation emails are sent, after a user entered his email in the newsletter form. This currently seems to default to the system setting of emailsender or hopefully mail_smtp_user which both contain the same email, but this is not the one I want to use.

I know you can change the emails individually for each newsletter container resource but this is only being used for sending the actual newsletters and not handling the subscription process.

I had hoped for a setting in the snippet, but there doesn’t seem to be one. Is there another way I can change the email used for handling the subscription process?

MODX 2.8.3-pl
GoodNews 1.5.1-pl2

I’m not really familiar with GoodNews but it looks like the from address is hard-coded to the emailsender system setting. So I don’t think there is much you can do.

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This is a pretty weird suggestion, but I’m guessing that the class is pulled into a snippet or plugin. If you create an emailsender property for that snippet or plugin, it should override the System Setting.

It might have to be done over again whenever you update the package.

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Thanks for the suggestion, that might be working indeed, although I think I’ll have to leave it as I don’t want anything that can break through an update later down the road.

If you made it a Context Setting, User Setting, or UserGroup Setting, it should survive upgrades and should still override the System Setting.