Getting tickets working

[[!TicketComments? &allowGuest=1&showLog=1]]

Adding this to resource field produces the comment form, but the buttons “preview” does nothing and “write” goes back to same page.
There is also a strange link, “Write comment”
this is the log
0.0001440: pdoTools loaded
0.0010130: Conditions prepared
0.0000310: Query parameters prepared.
0.0000079: xPDO query object created
0.0000389: innerJoined TicketThread as Thread
0.0000319: leftJoined modUser as User
0.0000262: leftJoined modUserProfile as Profile
0.0000010: Grouped by
0.0000148: Added selection of TicketComment: id, thread, parent, text, name, email, ip, rating, rating_plus, rating_minus, createdon, createdby, editedon, editedby, published, deleted, deletedon, deletedby, properties, parent as new_parent
0.0000038: Added selection of TicketThread: resource
0.0000031: Added selection of modUser: username
0.0000072: Added selection of modUserProfile: internalKey, fullname, phone, mobilephone, blocked, blockeduntil, blockedafter, logincount, lastlogin, thislogin, failedlogincount, sessionid, dob, gender, address, country, city, state, zip, fax, photo, comment, website, extended,email as user_email
0.0000310: Added where condition: published=1
0.0000219: Sorted by, ASC
0.0001001: SQL prepared "SELECT, TicketComment.thread, TicketComment.parent, TicketComment.text,,, TicketComment.ip, TicketComment.rating, TicketComment.rating_plus, TicketComment.rating_minus, TicketComment.createdon, TicketComment.createdby, TicketComment.editedon, TicketComment.editedby, TicketComment.published, TicketComment.deleted, TicketComment.deletedon, TicketComment.deletedby,, parent as new_parent, Thread.resource, User.username, Profile.internalKey, Profile.fullname,, Profile.mobilephone, Profile.blocked, Profile.blockeduntil, Profile.blockedafter, Profile.logincount, Profile.lastlogin, Profile.thislogin, Profile.failedlogincount, Profile.sessionid, Profile.dob, Profile.gender, Profile.address,,, Profile.state,, Profile.fax,, Profile.comment,, Profile.extended, as user_email FROM modx_tickets_comments AS TicketComment JOIN modx_tickets_threads Thread ON = TicketComment.thread AND = “resource-2” LEFT JOIN modx_users User ON = TicketComment.createdby LEFT JOIN modx_user_attributes Profile ON Profile.internalKey = TicketComment.createdby WHERE TicketComment.published = 1 GROUP BY ORDER BY ASC "
0.0002980: SQL executed
0.0000041: Rows fetched
0.0000060: Returning raw data
0.0004370: Loaded “modChunk” with name “tpl.Tickets.comment.wrapper”
0.0004621: Loaded “modChunk” with name “tpl.Tickets.comment.form.guest”
0.0029011: Total time
4 194 304: Memory usage