Getting my website on my domain I bought from google

I purchased a domain from google domains and I got started with Modx hosting. I created a cloud and my site was pointed at a modx domain.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get my site to be at the domain I purchased?

It’s not entirely clear from your post where your site is hosted, but if it is on MODx Cloud then maybe this helps:

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when I said Modx hosting I meant Modx cloud. I saw this article and was still having a bit of trouble getting my page to actually show up at the url

In order to enable custom domains on MODX Cloud you will first need to turn on Custom Domains from the Web Server Tab of the MODX Cloud Dashboard and then wherever your domain’s DNS is managed, point the domain at the IP for the Cloud. See:

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But if you need any assistance, please hit the help button from within the MODX Cloud Dashboard and one of our support agents will help you directly, most hours of the day.

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