Getresourcestag better cache handling

So I’ve got a site that I’d like to speed up if I can. It wasn’t so bad when we had less content, but as it’s grown the uncached bits are slowing things down.

I’ve got a project here Remodeling & Design Projects | Murphy Bros I used GetResourceTag and Tagger to have unique URLS for each tag category and it filters the library. This is important because some projects exist as part of multiple categories.

Anyway, is there a way to make pages like have a cache hit? or cache that result? I have thus far had to run getresourcestag as uncached. I believe there is a 404 handler redirecting the /Kitchens to the main projects page and filtering on the tag. Looking for ideas.

Isn’t getResourcesTag a snippet for the extra tagLister? Can this really be used together with the extra Tagger? I’m a bit confused!

I could be wrong. Big picture, getResourcesTag is running uncached and it’s bumming me out.

getResourcesTag is wrapper for the getResources-snippet. getResources has a dbCacheFlag property. Maybe you can set that to 1 and see if that helps.

If you are indeed using tagLister, then maybe switching to Tagger could also be faster as the data is stored in a dedicated database table.