getResources: how to deal with weblink?

Hi all,

I am asking me how to deal with Resources with weblink class_key?

For example:
I have some resources with Resource-Type “Weblink”.
In Weblink field I cant fill with full url or a internal resource id.
But how to deal with it inside template chunk to avoid errors like

Bad link tag [[~]] encountered

Thank you for ideas in advance.


Can you post what you do in your template chunk to get this bad link tag [[~]]?

In general if you use [[~[[+id]]]] in the template chunk, weblinks should behave like the other resources.
Maybe set the system setting use_weblink_target to Yes to see the direct link in the output.


I have an container resourse with child resources with resource-type “Weblink”.
in Weblink field some resources have a real URL like and some have a id number for internal resource.

The chunk is:

<li><a href="[[+content:contains=.:then=[[+content]]:else=[[~[[+content]]]]]]">[[+menutitle:notemtpy=[[+menutitle]]:default=[[+pagetitle]]]]</a></li>

use_weblink_target yes dont fixed it.

Try using a link tag in the weblink-content for internal links instead of just an id (e.g. [[~3]] instead of 3).
I think with [[~[[+id]]]] in the template and use_weblink_target this should produce the correct output.