getResource show specific articles

Hi, I have a blog and want to only show specific categories on certain pages, what getResource parameters should I use? Also I want the articles to have pagination on those pages.

Do you have a special blog extra in use like Articles or have you looked at this tutorial: Creating a blog in MODX Revolution? One part of this tutorial shows the creation of categories.

The categories are already created. I just need to know what to put in the code.


So are your categories single resources including the different articles? Then like stated in the tutorial mentioned above, this is your basic call:

  &tpl=`blogPost`                // insert your chunk template here

Still this depends on what you are using to create your blog, if you could share some more insights on that.

No. All the articles are listed under Newsroom. They each have tags that separate them out such as Newsletters or Stories. I want to only pull articles that are Newsletters onto a Page I create titled Newsletters.

Have you tried using [[!getResourcesTag? ... ] like mentioned here?

Again, we could need more info on how you did set up your blog. Which MODX Version are you running, which extras are installed, how does your category template look like, etc.

Like this…


Thanks, I will try that.