GDPR cookie consent

Hi there

I’ve installed a cookie popup on a site to get in line with GDPR rules.

The only thing I use which has ‘personal data’ is Google Analytics - so I have used their ‘Auto block’ facility so they user can decide whether or not to allow it.

They have a tool which detects all other cookies that are loading on your site:

And it detects a cookie called: PHPSESSID which is used by PHP to track that user around the site.
But I assume it’s not an ‘essential cookie’ and therefore I should really block this until accepted by the user. The plugin provides code to use on scripts, but not sure how to get to this one as it’s used by Modx.

Anyone had any issues with this?
Or is it OK to leave as ‘essential’ and therefore automatically accepted.



Hi Andy

Mark does mention this cookie on his privacy policy. His description of what it does may help you with your decision

Great article - thanks for the link!