Gallery trying to add alt tag info to full size image

I have a custom galItemthumb.

     <figure class="[[+cls]][[+idx:is=`0`:then=` show`:else=` hide`]]">
          <a href="[[+image_absolute]]" alt="[[+description]]">
          <img src="[[+thumbnail]]" alt="[[+description]]" />

I am trying to add alt to image_absolute with description placeholder.
This is what I get at the moment.

    <img src="" alt="" class="shrinkToFit overflowingVertical fullZoomOut" width="566" height="424">

I don’t understand what exactly you are trying to do?
Do you call the Gallery or the GalleryItem snippet?
Are you sure the chunk you posted corresponds to the output you posted? Where do the “class”, “width” and “height” attributes come from?

When you click on an image in the gallery, it goes directly to the original image.
Using the gallery snippet which uses galItemThumb but changed it to custom chunk.
I guess when it fetches the original image, it adds the dimensions.

Sorry, I did past wrong code.

 <body><img src="" alt=""></body>

The alt seems to copy the url?

So you are saying the placeholder [[+description]] outputs the image URL?
That doesn’t make much sense.

When you check the content of the database table modx_gallery_items (for example with phpMyAdmin), what’s the value in the column description (of the image you’re outputting)?

description = Modern Church
Is there a way to deal with that field if client does not add a description?
name = minecraft-529459_640.jpg
filename = 1/2.jpg

What exactly are you trying to do?
If the user doesn’t add a description, then the placeholder [[+description]] is just empty.

Just trying to add text to alt field.