Gallery Extra: Create Album from Front-end

I want to create a page resource where a specific user group can create resources, and albums using the Gallery extra.

To create and edit resources on the front-end, you could use the extra NewsPublisher.

For Gallery, I don’t know any existing code for front-end editing.
It’s certainly possible to implement a solution that adds images to the Gallery database tables from the front-end. But you probably have to code it yourself (for example by creating a REST API or maybe by using an extra like AjaxUpload.)

It could be easier to give the user group limited manager access instead.

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I’ll do this instead thank you!

I have a question about NewsPublisher. does it have dependencies? I searched info about it but I can't find anything. all I have is disabled button and says Install all dependencies to continue

The extra Login is required:

Do you use MODX 3.0.3?
There is a bug in this version, so package information isn’t displayed in the installer.

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Yes I’m using MODX 3.0.3, thank you for your help!