Gallery Extra compatible with MODx 3.0.0?

Hello modx community,

great to see MODx being re-crafted. Thanks for the hard work!

After upgrading we are facing the following error message trying to open Extras > Gallery:

An error occurred...
Error: Class 'GalleryManagerController' not found

We are running the site on php7.4 with mysql 5.7. modx 2.8.3 is running well.

Does anybody know if there are plans or actions to make the gallery extra available to modx 3.0 and php 8?

Thank you and kind regards,

Nobody? Have we missed something regarding this plugin? Best, charismeki

SiteDash reports that its compatibility with MODX3 is unknown. I think this is a @markh extra so he might be able to help.

The gallery extra still uses modAction that has been removed in MODX3. And some of the processors are unsupported flat-file processors.

At least this has to be fixed to make it work again.

Nope.(He probably prefers MoreGallery :wink:)

Aah … he might want to fix this then:


I’m the last person to have updated Gallery (security fix) so that’s why it says that. When I’m through updating all my own extras I can take a look at fixing gallery too, but that will take some time.

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@markh thank you very much for taking time to answer. It would be great if you could update the Gallery extra. If you managed please let me know how i can spend you a drink or two :slight_smile:

This is working with the latest release.

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