Gallery Extra - Caching

Hi all!

I have created a small portfolio site for someone who isn’t technical.
So I used the Gallery Extram, thnking that would be simpler than wrangling with Migx etc.

it works great - but when she rearranges the gallery or adds images, they don’t show up until she manually clears the cache.

I can’t find any system settings for this, and the galleries are already called uncached, so wondered if anyone has managed to get it to clear the cache on save like resources do?

I’ve locked down the manager to give her as few options as possible so she doesn’t get scard (!) so asking her to go clear the cache is going to be tricky. (I know!)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


That’s weird. It shouldn’t be necessary to clear the cache manually. When I test it, the changes I make to an album are immediately visible.

When an album is saved, the relevant cache entries should get deleted ($this->xpdo->cacheManager->delete(...)).
The cache files are located in core/cache/default/gallery/...

Hi Harry - thanks for this…

It’s because I had sorting on ‘createdon’… :roll_eyes:

So no matter what order, it reordered them based on their creation date…

Sorry about that… !!

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