Gallery 2.0.1 MODX 2.8.5: Manager Problem with portrait formats


following problem with uploaded photos in portrait format. The images automatically rotate for thumbnail view. Why? How could I solve this?

Thank you in advance


Does it happen for all pictures in portrait format, or only for the pictures from this camera?

Is the thumbnail only wrong in the Gallery manager page, or also when you look at the same picture in the MODX media browser?

strange. I tested it with a pic from Photoshop. There is no rotating. Seems only for photos for this camera:

in media browser I have this problem:

Maybe the image has information about the orientation in the EXIF data that is wrong.

indeed. I copied image into Photoshop and created a new photo without camera information. Then it runs. urgh

but which information is wrong?


If x = 4032 and y = 3024 and the orientation (“Ausrichtung”) is “Normal”, then it’s landscape format and not portrait.