Gallery 2.0.1 MODX 2.8.5: Manager Problem Media Browser Gallery Source


I have Gallery Source as Media Source and in Media Browser but there is a problem with preview images:

Andy ideas?

Thank you in advance


What’s the URL for the images?

When I test it, it calls .../assets/components/gallery/connector.php. But for the parameters “src” and “ctx” there is &src=... in the url instead of &src=....
Is this the same in your case?
Do you get the correct picture as the response, if you change & to & in the image URL?

that is it exactly
but how to solve it?

I don’t know.

Is there a reason why you use the Gallery specific Media Source (Source Type = “Gallery Albums”) and not just a normal filesystem-based source with assets/gallery as the path?

It seems that this source type was “half-heartedly” implemented, and I never understood the point of it anyway.

Yes. the simple reason is, that with gallery source you see the album names insteed of numbers.

Maybe it works if you change this line in the class “GalleryAlbumsMediaSource”

to this instead:

'thumb' => str_replace('&', '&', $item->get('thumbnail')),

great. many thanks :pray: