Frontend: View a page only for users in a specific group


I want to build a Website with has a page that is only accessable to Users in a specific group -
On the frontend.

How can I do this. Is there a documentation/walkthrough somewhere for that?

All that on MODx 3.

In short:
You have to create a resource group (Menu “Content” → “Resource Groups”) and add the protected resource/page to the resource group. Then give the user group access to this resource group (Menu item with cog-wheel icon → “Access Control Lists” → Edit User Group → tab “Access Permissions” → vertical tab “Resource Groups”).

Also use the extra Login (on an unprotected page), so that the users can log in to the “web” context.

There should be plenty information about this available and it works the same for MODX 2.x and MODX 3.


thank you for the hints. Thats helps me a litte bit.

It might help to understand the general rule behind halftrainedharry’s excellent answer:

Resources are protected (hidden) from the current user when all of these are true:

  1. The resources are in a Resource Group.
  2. The Resource Group is connected to a User Group by a Resource Group Access ACL entry.
  3. The current user is not a member of that User Group.
  4. The current context (e.g., web or mgr) matches the context of the ACL entry.


thanks for the additional infos.

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